John Faherty Gallery

Here are some pieces just to have examples, the are some fairly old and not terribly old ones here. I'll get back to brush and make more for the site soon.
  1. Alptaraum
    An experience of sleep paralysis
  2. Big Rock Candy Mountain
    Big Rock Candy Mountain
    Acrylic on Canvas
  3. The Fairy Baby
    The Fairy Baby
    Acrylic Spray Paint on Canvas
  4. The Weather Maker
    The Weather Maker
    Acrylic on Canvas
  5. Seaside Monoliths
    Seaside Monoliths
    Acrylic on Canvas
  6. Playa Evening
    Playa Evening
    Acrylic Canvas
  7. Dancers
    extracted from a canvas of studies (acrylic on canvas)
  8. The Jazz Singer
    The Jazz Singer
    Acrylic on Canvas
  9. Model in Red, Yellow and Blue
    Model in Red, Yellow and Blue
    Acrylic study (red yellow blue only) on paper
  10. Don't Pick the Dead
    Don't Pick the Dead
    Acrylic on Canvas
  11. Bottle Glass Cheese
    Bottle Glass Cheese
    Acrylic on Canvas Panel
  12. The Meeting
    The Meeting
    Acrylic on Canvas
The art of John Faherty

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