1. Lee Ford-Faherty and John Faherty
    Lee Ford-Faherty and John Faherty
    I don't remember exactly who took this excellent pic of Lee and I that just at Alchemy the Georgia Regional Burning Man event one year. (from the quality I'd probably lean toward it being our amazing camera wizard friend photognome)
  2. John Faherty
    John Faherty
    In 2010 before a bit of a health dip I was running regular mud runs. I hope to get back to those - they are great fun.
  3. Team Awesome
    Team Awesome
    June 11, 2012 Team Awesome Begins!
For the love of pigment

Wakka Doo! You landed on the web page of John Faherty, Artist, Tech Nerd, Science Fan, Writer. 

I'v put off working on my site for years to dabble at other projects then life sort of took over the clock.
  1. John Faherty
    John Faherty
    May Pole Dance
  2. Sgt. Faherty
    Sgt. Faherty
    John was a soldier a lifetime ago
  3. King Neptune
    King Neptune
    Sometime you have to be your own model
  4. sunset in the bay
    sunset in the bay
    This started as a drawing on paper of the photo in the link then I took a photo of it and started to color it in in photoshop. Deeper colors than Enrique's photo: http://www.flickr.com/photos/enriquegg/5349605764/ but then again this is my impression of his image and not an attempt to duplicate his work.
  5. Vicious Cycle
    Vicious Cycle
  6. Treasure Island
    Treasure Island
    Hazard - Treasure Island, Warner Robins Little Theater

Open Exhibitions

  1. Possibly Anywhere
    None at this time
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    uhhhh.... the stuf on the about page - go there.